Friday, September 16, 2005

Fotos lisboa 1

a ver si peudo meterlas... es que mira k soy torpe


Blogger groovegear said...

Searching the World Live Web
By Doc Searls on Fri, 2005-09-16 01:00. Industry News What impact will Google's new blogsearch ... Far as I know, the blog search category was born when David Sifry put a hack he called Technorati on a Penguin Computing Linux box that lived in his basement while he and I were working on "Building With Blogs" , a feature for the February 2003 ...
Nice to see some decent content for a change. FYI, I log on today and see that we've got a new feature, the 'Flag blog' button, which is inconveniently located between the 'Get Your Own Blog' and 'Next Blog' buttons so that we would presumably be getting some flags on error alone (although if one happens to notice it, you can unflag a blog) But that's a trivial matter. What concerns me is this: When a person visiting a blog clicks the "Flag?" button in the Blogger Navbar, it means they believe the content of the blog may be potentially offensive or illegal. We track the number of times a blog has been flagged as objectionable and use this information to determine what action is needed. This feature allows the blogging community as a whole to identify content they deem objectionable. Ok, see the problem with this? What's "objectionable." I'm guessing there are a good deal of people that would likely deem my blog to be objectionable; and there lies the problem: what is objectionable and what is subjective. Just my 2 cents, Uniform Patches

4:40 PM  
Blogger berti said...

si si... te entiendo, chabal

3:50 PM  

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